When John and I set up this charitable family foundation we had two major goals in mind. First, to give back to the communities in which we have lived and played not only through funding but time and talent. The second goal was to create a lastly legacy that could past down for generations to come not only by family but friends and colleagues we have met along this journey.

We selected three areas of interest because it’s was the foundation of our success and happiness in this life.

Education we believed is core to success. Education can provide opportunities, confidence and independence. We want to enable others to have the same opportunity to have a successful future if the opportunity is presented and the desire is executed by the individual.

In Healthcare, John and I collectively spent over 80 career years, dedicating our lives to this industry to make the healthcare experience specialized, personalize, research based to improve the health outcome for all individuals. We focused our time on developing colleagues and leaders in this industry that will continue our works for generations to come.

Lastly, Environmental and Fisheries, we believed is balancing of work with play as well as critical to future generations. We traveled and fly fished around the world only to see the disappearing glaciers, parks, forests, rivers, oceans and seas from our lack of education and research regarding these natural resources. Future generations may never get to see the same landscape we have had the opportunity to explore if we don’t find more solutions and compromises to the opposing views.

Utah and Idaho’s land, streams and rivers are where we started to make a small difference because it where we called home and have shared with our family and friends our passion for the acres of untouched forest service, fly fishing, ranching all while focusing on conservation efforts.

So many people have told me the profound influence John has in their lives and career. I ask you on this today to give back by contributing to his legacy so he may live on though your hearts, minds and the good works he started.

This day marks the 1st anniversary of my husband’s death but it also marks the first day of continuing the legacy he started but now I’m asking family , friends and colleagues to finish the work he started quietly like that man he was.

The Foundation will match or exceed all contributions to celebrate John’s legacy in us all.

Thank you for your generosity,
Mary Short

JHS April 10, 2015