John and Mary went to Nepal in 2014, for the opening of the Nepal and Burn Center opening and left realizing the over whelming needs of the Nepali people especially children and young unemployed adult women. We quickly learned for so little you can do so much to have a positive impact on what appears to be impossible.

Why important?

The current education system in Nepal is one of the youngest in the world. Pre-primary education is available only to a minority of children exclusively in urban settings. All pre-primary schools are private and charge fees. The Basic and Primary Education Project (BPEP) is working to broaden the network of pre-primary educational institutions. Pre-primary education is not currently part of the formal education system. As a result, Nepal is crippled by high dropout and repetition rates challenging Nepal’s Primary Education. Only seven out of ten children enrolled in grade 1 in Nepal’s schools reach grade 5, and more than half of them quit school before reaching the lower secondary level. (UNESCO Office in Kathmandu, 2012) Attendance in early childhood education 2005-2012*, 30%, UNEIF World Children’s Organization 2013.

The following objectives are planned for 2017

  • Construction to begin Spring 2017, for a preschool & 1st-4th primary school will have a great hall with 4 classrooms, office, kitchen, rest rooms, playground and equipment for 60-75 children.
  • The Montessori Curriculum:  Local unemployed females will be trained as Administrators and teachers in the Montessori program.

“Adopt a Learning Tree” Today

What your contribution can do!

  • Your $10-$20 donation will provide supplies or uniforms for one of the 60-75 learning tree children.
  • Your $100-$200 donation will help send a unemployed young female to Montessori teacher training, we need 5-6.

As a volunteer you can see assist with training, teaching, fundraising and monitor the program.